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Inindo: Way of the Ninja description

Quite a heavy gaming case. But I'll try to explain in accessible and simple terms: this is a version of the famous Japanese console game ported to the DOS platform and later published in traditional Chinese for the Taiwanese gaming audience. Original name in Japan, Inindo: Way of the Ninja. After porting for DOS name decided to trim - to Inindo. Yes, indeed, some well-known hostility of the Japanese manufacturers of gaming products for the PC platform. In fact, probably, in the Japanese sense, a computer is "something working", and you need to play on consoles. That's why today we have one house worth one or even two of these "platform-PC", the selection is small. We can get acquainted with the masterpieces of the Japanese industry of the old PC games mostly for ported language versions on the DOS platform and oriented for publication in Korea and Taiwan. Well, another option is to buy yourself a console...

KOEI has always been leading in the development of games of strategy genre, but gradually they began to try his hand in the direction of development and other types of gaming genres. The game Inindo is a pretty successful game. But, unfortunately, although it was a bold attempt, in Inindo it is obvious that the model is not working to end well. Here the strategic nature of the game combines the architecture of role-playing, the mum of two modes was not consistent, which adversely affected the quality of the gameplay. But, anyway, this game then gave life to a series of games known as you to have Nobunaga's Ambition.

Inindo the action takes place in XVI century in Japan in the Sengoku period (Three States). You play as one ninja from the IgA province. Your task is to eliminate the most powerful of the then rulers, whose name is ODA Nobunaga (織田信長). In fact, the game begins in 1582. If the player doesn't kill Nobunaga by the year 1601, the game is over. By the way, historical information is very good and outstanding was this man trying to finally conquer all of Japan (that is merge). But no matter - it matters to historians and game developers. Your task in the game - to collect friends, "pump" yourself and fight with the bloodthirsty ruler, not giving the rest of the neighboring "independent" provinces.

The game's graphics for 1991 looks pretty good. The view from the top is implemented in a 2D projection. Quite a lot of texts in dialogue with other characters which you will meet quite often. In addition to travel "overland" you will also go underground and sometimes to move in the air above the trees. There are also step-by-step implementation of battles of the type "three and more in one", of which, of course, you just have to come out the winner. You will meet with mages, ninjas, ronin, criminals and the like "population". In order to successfully finish the game, your player needs to constantly hire other NPCs to survive in the skirmishes. And in order to attract other characters, the player needs to "earn" a certain degree of trust - for example, speak with them for tea at home or at a roadside hotel. But not every character can be recruited: characters from rival clans will not join the player. Encounters with enemies or criminals happen randomly. Gradually gain experience, you will be able to "consult" with advisers of a feudal Lord (of course, after completing their order) and bow them to join forces against the hated Nobunaga. So you "clean" from the influence of the ruler of all the surrounding provinces, and in the end there will be only one province that is the ancestral nest Nobunaga (historically the province of Owari).

The game was made in Japanese and re-released for DOS on traditional Chinese. Question: is it possible at this to play? I think Yes - at least in terms of familiarization with the culture of computer games of the Rising Sun the beginning of 1990-ies. Well, about the adequacy of translation from one Asian language to another, we will be able to tell by experienced professionals who dared to try to "taste" this game dedicated to the ancient history of Japan.

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