Zigurat Software S.L. released a DOS game named Jump in the year 1992. If you are interested in playing this Arcade online, then click here.

Jump description

Spanish is a fun arcade puzzle that combines elements of Sokoban and Space Invaders, that is, seemingly, absolutely incompatible. The plot of the game may have, but understand it cannot (and should not even try).

The gameplay is as follows. The side view, we manage the very funny appearance of a robot ball with no hands on long legs and protruding above the balloon fun big eyes. This robot moves around consisting of blocks plane hanging in space; a plane consists of three rows of blocks. At the bottom of the screen are large beetles that crawl from the bottom up, i.e. vertically. Between the beetles and the plane moves horizontally here and there a flying bomb. At the very bottom of the screen, below bugs, crawling snail.

The robot can not only navigate through the wall but and jump over the blocks. His task – to pass the levels without letting the bugs get to yourself. The transition to the next level after killing a certain number of beetles. Beetles can be killed by falling blocks – for this we need to jump on a specific block, then it will fall down. The number of hops that need to be made to a certain block, of course, is different.

Bomb our enemy: when a block falls out, she may confront him and blow him up. If the unit still reaches the bug, then killing him, but by the route along which he moved, immediately begins to move, climbing out of the bottom of the screen, another bug. After the death of the beetle, it flies out the good or bad soul (!!!) (shown by the blue worms with halos and red with horns), and the robot can collect these souls; the more of those or other – the better or worse his mood (here we can say only "hmm..."). And picking up evil spirits and affects very negatively the robot freezes, and in this game it actually means losing. Snail crawling on the bottom, too, may be killed, but it is hard to do, and it makes no sense.

Each jump takes the robot some amount of its energy. Energy consuming and beetles, if they were able to crawl to him. If all the energy will be taken away by beetles or if the robot falls from the plane (and this could happen), it will break ("of death" as such in the game, but when falling from the wall the robot is in a puddle of blood...), and the game will end.

Graphically it looks great. Supported including VGA adapter, there is a beautiful animation of jumping and flying shower, the effects of explosions; everything that is displayed on the screen are drawn very clearly. In General, leaving an extremely pleasant experience, but truly difficult game is only for serious and thoughtful development.

Enjoy playing Jump online, it can be played on your browser and is free.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com

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