Lord Avalot d’Argent

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A DOS game was developed by Thorsoft of Letchworth and then released by Thorsoft of Letchworth in 1994, the game was called Lord Avalot d'Argent. Now you can relive the memories by playing it online here.

Lord Avalot d’Argent description

A very rare quest to not less rare and absolutely not in any way covered in the computer games topic – the history of Celtic Wales on the eve of the beginning of his gradual capture by the British.

The action begins in 1179. English (or rather, still is in fact Norman) Baron du Field requires the king of a small Kingdom of Gwynedd region Llen Herald the hand of his beautiful daughter Heidi. The Baron is extremely unpleasant to the father and the girl, so they chased away the ambassadors of the Baron, in response to this type arranges the kidnapping of Heidi. The old king, in desperation, sends the call to the greatest knight of Wales – Lord Roumeliotou, but that, as it turns out, going into another Crusade, so he gives the mission to his friend – unlucky Lord Avalot that leads its origins from the ancient Roman-Celtic kind, but more like a jester than a knight. However, to save the Geida from the British, traveling through the lands like Wales and England, will have him...

This game is officially the sequel to the humorous quest for ancient Roman themes Denarius Avaricius Sextus – Avalot is a distant descendant of Avaricious. Accordingly, the style of play as a fun, sometimes somewhat naive, humorous quest saved completely. However, the interface is significantly changed for the better (now at the bottom of the screen is a full control panel with all the necessary options), also a global map of the scene of our adventures, which you can use including to indicate the character of the travel path.

Graphically, the game is also similar to the first part, but also significantly improved. Although the palette still consists of only sixteen colors, but everything is much brighter and clearer (which, however, can not be attributed to the game's hand-drawn masterpieces from quests). Verdict – this thing is valuable primarily for its exceptional rarity and obscurity, but otherwise ordinary and rather mediocre quest with a certain amount of jokes, and without any revolutionary features, but may be of interest to connoisseurs of the genre.

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