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Midwinter was launched by Microplay Software in the year 1990 which was loved by all old and young. It’s an interesting DOS game and can be played online by clicking here.

Midwinter description

Multi-genre game (for the most part still an RPG, although there are elements of action and simulation and strategy) into the absolutely shocking world, many features of which still remain a mystery to me. It is some mixture of fantasy and futuristics style "eternal winter". It seems that the action is happening on the Ground, victims of the "attack" asteroids, which all this happened.

Our goal here is to get to the citadel of the "Great Masters" with a view to its destruction. To do this, you have to pass a large number of territories, fight many enemies and gain a team of satellites. And team for RPG pretty solid – right up to 32 people, and therefore think that it still: RPG or strategy.

I think it will be enough to select only a few features of the game, because a lot still don't tell, and it is not necessary – only fun will be ruined this game need it to play.

So do a large number of subordinate members, each of which performs a specific role, everyone needs something and requires attention to ensure optimal management. This is interesting, but objectively difficult.

Following the game represents, as though wildly it sounded, the so-called "transport" RPG. Here's another features – huge even by modern standards, the size of the game world, so to move this files most often have on any vehicle. Since the whole world is covered with snow, and these means are appropriate, from skiing and snowboarding similarity (!) to a special "car-snowmobile" and even aircraft.

Yet there is a very special "cable-raids" when you take the funicular – the cable car – go on it, surveying the surrounding glaciers... Considerable attention is paid to shooting at enemies, separately considered shooting from a sniper rifle, it is also possible diversions in the enemy rear.

Of course, there are the usual game modes – strategic map on which you can track how we approached the target, and dungeons where you can relax from the boring snow...
From the point of view of graphics the game looks great. To begin with, that all - ALL - here, in FULL 3D, and it is in this year! Literally every graphic from animated inserts to the beautiful winter scenery on the background is pleasing to the eye. Perhaps none of the game modes, of which there are plenty, graphics, even the average can not be named – only good or excellent.

By itself, the game leaves, despite the obvious advantages, some mixed impression. Of course, we are dealing with a thing created by talented people and with love, containing many unusual and interesting ideas, but the feeling of integrity and understanding of what is happening on the screen visit of the player is not always, alas.

Not sure how to pass your time, why not play our classic videogame Midwinter online? And the best part, it is for free!


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