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Duck Hunt is a Action game released by ALO-Software in 1993. It is an interesting DOS game and a must play for all old videogame lovers.

Duck Hunt description

Simulator hunter for ducks, inspired, apparently, the same game for a console from Nintendo but this is much more reminiscent of the projects of the 1980s than contemporary games - in all senses, including approving.

"Duck Hunt" version for the PC was developed by Dutch Studio ALO-Software in obviously in excess of the budgetary execution for free distribution via BBS. The graphics are absent, being replaced by ASCII symbols in CGA text mode, but very colorful and clear. On the main screen with a picture of the cute house we propose to find instruction in the form of scrolling text, which always can be skipped by pressing the space bar, going to the actual hunt. Here we will see your man standing at the bottom with a gun aimed upward, surrounded by amusing the reeds, trees, etc.; to move the protagonist, is impossible: all control is reduced to the opportunity to shoot by pressing the space bar (well, still are allowed to turn off the sound using F10, although this is not recommended, because the effects here are quite relevant and not at all annoying). The essence of the gameplay is extremely simple: at the top from right to left (or Vice versa, because the direction is constantly changing) fly, uh, a duck (which serve mouthwatering red arrows), and our task is to get them from the gun. For each downed bird we get 25 points (in very rare cases - 250), and for each miss (i.e. for every feathered, successfully managed to fly to the end of the screen) our conditional opponents earn 5 points. The account is in the top of the screen, and just below displays the ammunition of the hunter: he is finite, and its depletion is completed and the entire game. If we managed to score more points than the "ducks", scored a victory!

In conclusion, it is worth to mention hilarious text messages that accompany each of our successful (and not) shot, combined with even primitive, but very funny and even animated graphics that definitely adds interest to the acquaintance with this very simple electronic entertainment.

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