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Prime Time was launched by First Row Software Publishing, Inc. in the year 1988 which was loved by all old and young. It’s an interesting DOS game and can be played online by clicking here.

Prime Time description

Economic strategy, dedicated to the management of the TV channel.

For the concept of this game is not much different from any other typical "simulation of managing something", however, the scope of activities we have here is still somewhat exotic. The source of our income – advertisers who enter into agreements with us to show their commercials in between programs. It is clear that we can choose with whom to conclude the contract, but in order for the advertisers actually came in the channel to do a popular with high ratings. For this we need to choose one of the fifteen common themes of the ether as a whole and any of one hundred and sixty (!) a variety of programs – from the show before the news.

The game is quite a high degree of freedom – we have absolute power and can form a completely random guide of the available. However, we still have to "chase" for the rating, so often in the planning process have to include "common sense", that is, to understand what about time of day TV is most people, and it's time to put the most popular on ratings transfer. The rating is for each transfer, any of the programs can be transferred at any time or removed altogether from the ether, but if we do not want to remove the failed transfer, please, and you can leave. The most important measure is the so-called "resultant" assessment of the popularity of the channel as a whole. The higher it is – the more advertisers, the more they pay us money.

On the one hand, fun and cool. But on the other hand, the game has a pretty serious flaw – the presence and a strong enough impact on the game of chance, or even irrationality. Because sometimes for some reason the ratings suddenly freeze in place, whatever you were doing. Also sometimes it is very difficult to predict the popularity of a particular transmission at different "batches" of the same program may like it, and not to please people, and even within the same games attitude towards it suddenly can change, what it depends on is not clear. Although, perhaps, in life it happens, so it is maybe no and not a disadvantage.

Graphics for this genre unusually sweet. Although most of the time we have to spend at text ad impression plan and statisticians popularity over the months, but will be a lot of excellent animated scenes – for example, we can even see some of our gear!

Verdict – not the best game, even in its narrowest direction (recall, Mad TV), but still the thing is quite curious and bright, which will certainly appeal to fans of non-trivial economic simulation.

Now, play Prime Time online for free on your browser and make your boring weekend fun and full of entertainment.


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