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There are some video games which you will never forget. The 5th Fleet is one of them. It was launched in 1994, by Stanley Associates but still loved by many. Play it online now.

The 5th Fleet description

Turn-based wargame on the topic of confrontation between the USSR and USA during the "Cold war", in this particular case – on the theme of confrontation at sea. Available scenarios include an abstract combat operations in the Indian ocean and the Persian Gulf. Scenarios in the game (original) only eleven, but the place to be some randomness to the placement of the enemy fleet, so in reality gaming space a lot more.

When playing solo to play, alas, only for USA, there is a mode for two players, and only you have Russian (which is bad). Incidentally, in some scenarios that happen in the early ' 90s, the former Soviet ships are seized by the Indians, Indonesians and other, so that at least sometimes will not play so offensively. The range presented in the game of naval equipment is exceptionally wide.

There are three types available for the management of close to surface vessels, submarines, naval aviation. The gameplay is turn-based and divided into "days" (although in reality it is not twenty-four hours, and only eight), every "day" each player can make three moves (one for each branch); the first one does his three moves, then the other. What kind of troops to give orders in the first place – decided by the player; if desired, the course can never do.

There are three game modes – strategic map, tactical and operational. Strategic map of the region of hostilities in General, the tactical area of operation, that is, any particular region, operational – specific square, or the ship; they are all divided into the usual "hexes" (each of them in the game is five miles). Detailed information on own and enemy equipment available on the tactical map.

Underlying orders only two kinds: the movement of ships (here is target selection, although planes and submarines can just move) and attack. During the attack must be indicated, which is for her to use, rockets or torpedoes; all five types of weapons plus air attack. At the same time, you can only use one type of weapon. Some scripts are very long, in this case you will have to command also supply your vessels with ammunition. In most scenarios it is not provided – so the rocket will have to save that complicates the game.

By itself, the gameplay includes not only tactical planning and fighting, but sometimes rather lengthy search of the enemy fleet, the planes and submarines that have a lot more possibilities to detect the enemy should be always near the ships (after the detection of an enemy ship or ships, they can immediately find all the technical information). Unlike ships, planes to give orders only being in the mode of strategic map, and only one type at the same time move somewhere and attack something. Although there are pre-selectable special orders for them – the patrols or intelligence.

The interface of the complexity of development is above average, although still much easier than in some similar games. Of course, as in most wargames, the beauty of the graphics here can be expected unless from the landscape, but because the action takes place on a "uniform" of the sea, and they are almost there; all the troops is a schematic icons. However, this is just what this game need, especially when you consider that it is made by a Board game. But what here is drawn really well- it's a rare animated inserts (e.g., a fragment of the battle or the crash of the ship) and the incredible main menu depicting the command post of the main ship, which is reminiscent of the old action of "Case squared 36-80".

Verdict – very interesting Maritime war-game, albeit not quite pleasant for the Russian player the theme is not the best possible, but still able to capture for a long time.

Now, play The 5th Fleet online for free on your browser and make your boring weekend fun and full of entertainment.


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