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Click here to play Objection!, developed by TransMedia Productions, Inc. in 1992. The game is a high quality 1st-person perspective game with an amazing Mental training experience.

Objection! description

A truly original and perhaps even unique simulation game lawyer.

The game has a plot. You're a lawyer, tasked to protect the defendant, accused of the murder of women. There are five witnesses, and their testimony is not quite converge. But you're not a judge and not a Prosecutor, and the lawyer, therefore your responsibility – not so much in asking questions, how much (in this game) to prevent the asking of those that seem incorrect and unacceptable. If such a question is asked, then you can submit the protest to the referee, but at the same time – attention – have this protest to justify one of eleven possible reasons why this question cannot be asked. Depending on whether or not you will be able to justify their protest in each case, the process may lead to new questions and different summary judgment.

Questions need to have time to read – not only because many of them are formulated, they are often quite cumbersome, but also because reading time is limited: first thirty seconds, then less and less. Moreover, these sets are the same, it would seem that the issues are huge, so no game is, most likely, will not be identical to the previous one. Sometimes it happens that the questions are formulated is very strange, but think of the objection to them to ask, you can't, and then they have to make...

The game is divided into several levels, each dedicated to an interrogation of one of the prosecution witnesses, and to transition to a new level it is necessary to collect a certain amount of points (by the right "work" with the questions) and answer "Yes" or "no" to some of the issues in the case, which will set you; so you can lose long before the alleged end of the court. Winning each "round" means at least that the term your client will be reduced (in the case of victory in the game he's found innocent). Finally, there is a way to win even more "powerfully" to find the real killer. By default, you know that the defendant is innocent, but the game will only get one chance (where – unknown) "catch" for a particular question (that is certainly to permit it), which will allow the hearing to take the path of his conviction.

Graphically the game is quite beautiful, although the graphics, of course, is rather monotonous, but the figures and especially to the person involved in the trial are drawn very nicely. As mentioned above, the game has the highest "value" in terms of the possibility of a replay and can seriously captivate, but there are two somewhat frustrating circumstances: keep it basically impossible (though you can put a pause, if you suddenly think, quickly became very hard), and the complexity sometimes just rolls over due to time constraints and the need to know English to read complex sentences. However, the game gets its well-deserved ten points as the true masterpiece of complexity and is recommended for all those who appreciate truly serious and difficult intellectual computer games.

Enjoy playing Objection! online, it can be played on your browser and is free.


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