Crazy Adventure in Africa

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In the year 1995, Crazy Adventure in Africa was launched by Panda Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd., a top-notch Strategy/Tactics game with an amazing and engaging Board Game gameplay. Click here to play it online.

Crazy Adventure in Africa description

Interesting strategy Board games like "Monopoly" by award-winning Taiwanese game developer Panda Entertainment Technology. In General, the format of "monopoly" within the framework of a computer game implemented in a variety of conditions. So this game was original and bright, because its action takes place not somewhere, and in the most that neither is a real Africa...

The plot is as follows... it was January, 1846. Africa is eager to be happy to open their riches to anyone, that is – greedy colonizer. The colonialists we are a little unusual. The game sold a total of six such characters. There are two representatives from Asia: men's (Japanese Musashi Miyamoto, 宮本 武藏) and female (girl Shi Sanya 十三疑), followed by "delegates" from the classic colonial powers: S. Holmes, Hitler, Napoleon and another beautiful representative with the stage name Madonna represents the most free country, has historically failed to spot a dirty colonial acts. In General, each of these persons, to put it mildly, does not fit the time frame of the mid-nineteenth century, but perhaps not worth paying attention to such "inaccuracy"...

The game is realized step by step, throwing dice, and throws them on the colorful African idol, which has as much as a quarter of the game screen. The route in the game closed. You start the game with cash 30,000 yuan (元), and another 30,000 are on your Deposit in the Bank. The bypass of the Black continent running in a circle clockwise closer to coastal areas, with a geographical and historical point of view it looks quite adequately. On the way you will have the following countries of interest: Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Niger, Mali, Upper Volta (OBS.), Ghana, Togo, Nigeria, Cameroon, Congo, and others On the road are bound to be placed for classic Monopoly "podlyanki": a rapid position change (implementation – tornado), missing turns – confinement in an African prison, hospital (from a snake bite). In each cell you can "score" the land for the business: agriculture (農田), mining (開礦), Guesthouse (旅社) or gambling (賭場). Of the crops you select for the cultivation of reason are only three: cotton (棉花), coffee (咖啡) or corn (玉米). Mining is also divided into three subspecies: copper (銅礦), gold (金礦) and her Majesty oil (油田) . Along the way you will meet the points for resupply (ammo – 子彈, medication – 藥品 and provisions – 糧食), markets where you can exchange products, and will also be recruiting employees from the local tribes (Congo). In the game there is still a monastery, where the nuns will ask you for a donation (very small – 1,000 yuan); also will definitely have to cross the path of two bridges over the Congo and the Nile (walk across the bridge worth 600 yuan). Very interesting item – a mysterious tribe in the Sudan, located approximately on the border with Egypt. There you on every lap (if you're lucky and you will successfully rise to the position you want) will be able to buy the spell at the next circle of magical ability or success in business. And completes the circle visit the Bank where you will be able to put money into Deposit or withdraw funds from their long-term contribution.

Live players in the race for Africa can be up to 6 people, however, signs multi-tenancy control was observed. Moves and commercial actions of other participants of the game are also absolutely transparent for you. In total you have a few years to save up a good capital to achieve dominance. By the way, here is information from the real story: the biggest territory in Africa was still in France, but on economic performance by far was leading the British Empire, having slightly smaller area of colonial possessions. So here is to dare, and then you will become an experienced colonizer...

Graphics are nice, despite the minimal screen resolution 320х200х256с. Sounds small, there is only a fun musical theme. The game interface is made in traditional Chinese, but, in principle, possible to learn, because the management is not too complicated and the result of applying one or another menu item will appear in the form of changing numbers on the screen, besides frequent piktogramki. Of course, the colorful and originality on the theme of "monopoly" leads other Taiwanese game 地獄也瘋狂 (Crazy Hell, 1997), but to try yourself in the role of a predatory capitalist, but in addition more and colonizer of Africa, is not less than the original game "feature" that will be pleasant to many fans of old games.

Enjoy playing Crazy Adventure in Africa online, it can be played on your browser and is free.


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