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Do you want to relive your good old memories? Play Shard of Inovar again, it’s a perfect DOS game launched in 1987 and a must-play for all video game lovers.

Shard of Inovar description

This game at first glance may seem very similar to a conventional text adventure with graphics, but actually it is much more playable – it to print here have nothing. The plot is fantastically difficult to understand. For some it's nonsense, but talking about it is, is not so common.

The action of the story takes place in a fantasy world with a very rich history. Once the "elder" race of this world was Eharin, powerful elves who created the most powerful mystic artifact, a stone called Inovar. The world lived happily, but one is not a great winter, a terrible trouble has come in the form of dark forces Nagroma (a sort of illness, but still not really), to kill all living beings in its path and coming from the sky. Using Inovar, the elves created Cairnrue – a protective barrier that kept that evil, but it stopped all processes in the world. And every spring since then is the rite Decairn when the barrier is removed briefly to allow the rain to pass.

Responsible for carrying out this ritual was the elf Varwield Arthermin over the years are pretty old. And one day, removing the barrier, he decided to seize the artifact Inovar'om to become the ruler of the whole world. It was prevented by a character named Kiroh, who defeated him in a serious fight. However, as a result of this fight from the stone broke off a piece that was raised Kiroh'om, who fled from his defeated enemy to the swamp Adklaart. Unfortunately, there he was captured and killed by soldiers loyal Arthermin'have. Thus, to restore the power soon, the elven sorcerer got access to this shard and with his help created Naslava – a race of beings, the flesh of which is earth and which truly serve him. But against this sacrilege outraged the goddess of the earth Rimarlion came from Arthermin'om in the battle. Unfortunately, she lost the match and were turned to stone, but before that managed to convey a mystical amulet to the Laryx people of the tribe, which then transferred him from Sunquat', the leader of the elves (or "people of light").

You play as a character named Varwield Secunda, student and Arthermin', who for many years had served him, but now questioned his ways. In addition, soon it will be time for a new rite Decairn, because over the hurdle gathered storm clouds...

Of course, we need to say not only about the plot, but at least a few words about the gameplay. As mentioned above, the game is very similar to the text quests, but still is not. All teams that would have to be added in a similar game here duplicated set of active buttons with different images, each of which is responsible for an action (move, look, attack, etc.). In addition, it is necessary to mark the option "to give people". The question here is not about NPCs, but about one of your party members, which sooner or later will join you. To print the specific name is also not necessary – provided his choice after the choice item, and because of this, for example, all you can equip.

Though the texts and the need to read is the Foundation of the game, the graphics are very small (a small window in the left part of the screen in the right window of the same size to display the inventory). To speak about a particularly good quality of drawing is not necessary, but still are the pictures nicely complement this, generally speaking, very complicated and specific a game that, despite the focus on only "connoisseurs", yet commendable and memory.

Now, play Shard of Inovar online for free on your browser and make your boring weekend fun and full of entertainment.


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