The Day 4: Icarus

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A very interesting DOS game was released by Mirinae Software Inc. in the year 1994. The game was called The Day 4: Icarus. You can now play it online.

The Day 4: Icarus description

The Day 4: Icarus - the horizontal scroller from the Korean developers - continuation of The Day 3: Dragon Force.

That is game one of the series, it is possible to guess in name only, as the developers have simplified the plot. If The Day 3: Dragon Force the Intro was attended by quite a long text with the background, which was accompanied by another voice-over narrator, in The Day 4: Icarus the whole story fit in the initial clip, which shows the confrontation of the ships in the starry sky. Given that the menu is in the hangar bays, only the names of the levels remained in Korean, and some problems because of the language barrier will not arise.

The choice of the pilot is limited to two characters (in the previous game had three), and any details and characteristics of the ships are missing. Ending with a comparison of both parts, note that The Day 3: Dragon Force could be switched as the type of weapon and speed, the scale armor was increased with the beginning of each stage in The Day 4: Icarus nothing.

Despite all these simplifications, the play has become far easier - the enemies appearing and firing from all sides, very much, and even a moment of confusion is enough to die. As in the previous section, we come to the aid of allied ships. Picking up their bonuses, we can change weapons, and repair damage, to take temporary invulnerability, to replenish the supply of missiles.

Each stage start with a basic weapon - by the way, is quite powerful. But then we will have the opportunity to change it, and at different levels it would be completely different. But then several developers too clever by half, and at the end stage can take quite a weak weapon, that is, instead of improving will get the opposite result.

Now, about the bosses - they meet us at the end of each level. In principle, it is enough just to fire at enemies, dodging retaliatory attacks, and with the powerful guns on Board can destroy them quickly. But each of the opponents are killed at once, and even losing part of his ship, he transformered and attacks differently. So do not relax, seeing that the enemy shot down: maybe it's not the end.

There is a game mode for two players, and even the possibility of space ships players to transform into one big ship.

Conservation is not provided, as mouse support, which adds complexity in the passage.

The game has nice graphics and the General background of each level, and all the ships look great, Korean creations always have a certain charm. Music is also one of the advantages of The Day 4: Icarus.

Recommended to fans of challenging games of the genre Shoot 'em up, where every second can not relax.

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