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The famous developer Brøderbund Software, Inc. developed a Educational game called The Treehouse in 1991. You can play this 1st-person perspective game online now.

The Treehouse description

Continue to meet with the children's trilogy from Brøderbund Software. The second game – The Treehouse – is also a collection of educational entertainment, but for children aged 5-8 years (as stated by the authors, but it is interesting all the little ones). This time we went to play in the tree house – and the fresh air breathe, and watch the nature! By the way, the owners of the shed are two possum (brother and sister), one of which is to acquaint us with their treasures. The house the guys are well equipped: there is a place to relax, and a table with a large vase full of fruit, and, of course, toys. But let's consider everything in order and figure out the secrets of each subject.

Purple synth in the corner, of course, offers the player to plunge into the world of music: you can listen many famous songs, learn about the different types of instruments and even compose your own melody! In addition to these enjoyable activities are offered free maze inside the synth! Yeah, the little possum is getting smaller and goes in search of a green creature with a nose-pipe, by way of guessing the tune. Monster gives you the sound tips that you can distinguish through hearing, you need to choose from the four options either the tool or the sequence of notes. For every correct answer you get a note of obvious melodies. Very entertaining!

Box with a curtain and the words "theater" will allow the player to expand the imagination and become a real Director! The beginning of the creation of the film – the responsible thing: you have to choose four categories of the main character, his actions, scenery and weather. Combining different options, you get sometimes very funny child juggling in space when it rains or the skeleton on the beach at night letting his hair grow... there are additional items that make the picture more original. After processing it only remains to start the movie and enjoy!

Near the box is a table, where the bear sits peacefully (it should give the possum when he wants to sleep), work hours and is a tape recorder that will be able to decorate stay in the house unobtrusive melody. Note the box near the clock – there is hidden a real encyclopedia! In a playful way the young viewer learns a lot of information about the different representatives of fauna living around the hut! Entertainment is quite unusual: you and your opponent are given 8 animals, among which you must find hidden, of course, with the help of prompts. In turn, players choose a characteristic (number of legs, diet, time of greatest activity), and having received information, by process of elimination find the answer. Described, perhaps, difficult, but very interesting to play!

Another game hidden in the carpet near the entrance to the house is a race car in an unusual design. The game has all the classic features of jib: the cube determines the number of moves, movement occurs on a winding road with different items; however, there are significant differences. The road has no start and finish and presented to city streets and each intersection is marked with its item: yellow allows you to earn money, blue obliges to pay the fine, a four-leaf clover – a lucky ticket and a lot of coins and the question mark gives you a random result. Wins the first player to earn the desired amount (50, 100 or 500 – your choice) of money or chips. Learning moment of the game – obtaining currency: their number it is necessary to calculate and choose the better result, and for the opponent – less (Yes, the world is cruel – you have to cheat).

In addition to the main entertainment at the wonder house, there are other nice little things: drawing Board with a set of crayons, a roller blind, which described an important event of history that occurred in the current date, even a telescope to monitor the robot was not spared if he of the opossum by the number of awards?

The Treehouse is a great choice for kids! And it is not only the beautiful graphics and beautiful musical accompaniment: familiarity with the guys, with their magical house takes place so naturally and easily that away from the game is simply impossible! Is pleasant and care about our friends: when the possum is hungry, you can give him fruit, as if tired to give him a bear paw and watch as he caught the tail of the wand, snoozing. The atmosphere of friendship and fun will definitely win the hearts of young viewers, so chase the doubts away and just relax!

Tired of your same old routine, want to add some entertainment and fun element in hour life? Play one of the best videogame The Treehouse online now and change your boring oold routine for good.


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