Whale’s Voyage II: Die Übermacht

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5 /5

With many different features and various levels, Whale's Voyage II: Die Übermacht released in 1995 hit the right chords right from the beginning. Play this excellent Role-Playing (RPG) game and online now.

Whale’s Voyage II: Die Übermacht description

The second part of multi-genre novels games, which combines both the space simulator, RPG, adventure and even a little strategy. Unlike the first part, this game (the PC version) was officially released only in Germany and did not receive any fame.

The action takes place in the same world twenty years after the end of the story, Whale's Voyage. All honestly earned by spending heroic money, four brave heroes once again goes in search of adventure and trade contracts on your right spaceship. And the first of them do not seem to portend any troubles – just need to bring, and even with an advance, some nuclear materials on that planet. But, unfortunately, during the flight not everything is always smooth, and this means that the situation can change dramatically and "neutral" traders suddenly lose their "neutral" status...

As before, the game is a wonderful hybrid of various genres. Has not disappeared nor creating characters before the start of the game with the distribution of skill points (you have to be a party of four, and, surprisingly, each of them needs to be some kind of character flaw is hubris or excessive extravagance, for example), almost no strategic turn-based battles in space, where our faithful ship destroys pirate Armada (battle field is represented as "grid" - all as it should be "the classics"!), neither the core of the game, the interplanetary trade: sale, purchase and production in other ways a variety of goods, which now is not that different planets and even different solar systems (its interface is very simple – select the items and start negotiations on it of one kind or another with a business partner through the window-Communicator in the center of the screen)...

And, of course, the RPG-component: journey with the first person in dozens of large cities in different worlds, conversations with various NPCs, among which there are representatives of other intelligent races, taking and completing quests, develop skills and increase performance through their performance, the growth experience, and just finally killing enemies... And most probably the nice thing is that this game includes "echoes" of the first part and some of the characters from it.

The graphics for 1995 looks no bad, all the characters – sprite, but is very well drawn, and the same can be said about the environment in space, in cities and other places. Game publishers have committed the real crime, refusing international edition of the game. After all, she is actually just an improved copy of the great first part and not so amazing, as it was in his time with the Whale's Voyage I, but the second part still more than worthy of the attention of all lovers of multi-genre adventure games – now special obstacles to experience it...

PS: the Game is released for PC (DOS and Windows 3.x [different versions]) and Amiga/AmigaCD32. Original version on both computers was only in German, but for the Amiga version later appeared the official patch with support for English subtitles. For PC this was not done, and this is the reason, most likely, led to almost total obscurity outside of Germany – this is it requires at least good. However, there were good craftsmen who adapted the Amiga-the patch for the PC version, so now to play Whale's Voyage II in English can almost everyone.

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