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Do you think old video games are boring? Play Соборъ, it is a Side view perspective game developed by Gamos Ltd. and released on DOS in 1991. You will then know that you were wrong.

Соборъ description

The game from domestic developers about the Russian hand to hand combat with elements of combat hopak. And melee is attached folk humor. It will surely please fans of this genre of games.

Methods a total of six - that's the long and short strokes of the arm and leg, as well as blocks from these attacks. It is still possible to walk right to left and unfold. The plot is not too twisted: some evil forces stole the secret scrolls with these six techniques and presented them to the surrounding Gopnik, who, not waste time, seized all the villages round about. However, five brave heroes, having to take photocopies of the scrolls, leaned partisans and master the secret techniques. For more detail about the game's plot is revealed.

The essence of the game is the alternation of sparring with the fight wall to wall, people's fun - Russian strashnym fight. Quality of life - the length of a burning candle, the candle goes out - fighter lost. Muscles grow from the number of hit the target attacks. After each repulsed the village or traveled the foe from among the characters of Russian folk tales - available recording. Between fights, there are obstacles in the form of folklore characters that need to take skill and ingenuity. For those who want to beat the game will tell the secret here, as in chess, is all about a sound debut - and thus, you need to start sparring all five matches to take the win with the largest possible muscle growth. It is also highly desirable to lose soldiers, because at the last level of protection of the ancient castle, strong and can attack at two-three-four-five to one. In a fight wall to wall can quickly switch between the fighters, if you feel that under your able management of the fighter will do better than itself, and can control one - if this is possible as the fight with the enemy opposite them and switch to another enemy, but if the fight was not over, aspiring Gopnik can go to fight a random character.

The game is colorful, well drawn, with humor. The font of the text is taken straight from the Soviet collection of Russian folk tales. The interface is friendly and simple, with complex combinations - as in Mortal Kombat - not provided. Cons - only six methods, the pros - each technique has its own characteristics: for example, the knee kick can move the pit of my stomach, tilting through the thigh or kick. As for me, the game is worth to try and get through. Recommended for those who are just starting to develop games of this genre, and those who beat them all and looking for anything unusual, and, of course, fans of domestic projects.

Play your favorite childhood game Соборъ online in your browser for free here.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com

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