Balloon Challenge

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3.0 /5

Developed by Soleau Software, Inc. in 1993, Balloon Challenge is a perfect Puzzle game which ruled the arcade for several years. You can now play it online here.

Balloon Challenge description

Surprisingly interesting and exciting puzzle-strategy with three doubled letters in the title.

There is a playing field at the bottom of which is lined up in a row twenty-five balloons of the player and exactly in the same place, the same balls the computer or another player. Each move is supposed to launch one ball, and the higher he will be able to fly – the more points gets to run (the winner becomes the owner of more points). But not all so simple: the field is full of obstacles, powerups and other objects (their location is generated anew at the start of each match), the existence of which will have to take into account when building a strategy.

First, the ball is in any case should not fall under the blades of the propellers of the aircraft that move after each pair of moves of opponents, otherwise it will be lost and will not bring points. Secondly, you need to remember that, stumbled on an obstacle, the ball can fly around and stops right under him, while deducting points in the piggy Bank. Thirdly, you need to skillfully use the blocks with the arrows that will throw the ball in that direction, and note that after each use, the arrow will change direction to the opposite. Well, the last thing you should never forget is the enemy, who would strongly oppose your plans, what he needed to reciprocate.

Each match requires a careful approach and thoughtful actions, but at the same time, the game is completely devoid of distractions, such as a stroke limitation by time or by excessive slowness of the party - here it lasts a few minutes. It might not be so lucky with the determination of the sequence of a turn (this happens randomly), but it's just an element of excitement.

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