A DOS game was developed by Albino Frog Software, Inc. and then released by Albino Frog Software in 1996, the game was called Pulse. Now you can relive the memories by playing it online here.

Pulse description

Striking in its beauty and quite rare puzzle with shareware-origin (now on the website available in full version). The game is quite difficult - both in terms of management and in terms of understanding what is still to do, but however just fascinates with its genuine singularity.

After the game over screen boundaries begin to appear balls of different colors and sizes - blue, green, purple... They fly in a very strange trajectories, changing in flight more and speed, and linger on the screen for very long. If you try to carefully drive the game cursor on the screen around the globe, it is possible to try (to try) to "draw" the ball to the desired place, however, "listen" it is not always. If you just click your left mouse button - ball forever "prigoditsa" to the screen and to move from this point away.

The goal is to make four balls of the same color would be built in a certain sequence and it would be fixed: then they disappear, and instead of balls of the same color begin to appear other figures - oblique crosses sticking out of their spines. Those rules are the same - if we can build a "fixed" sequence, then these figures will be replaced by triangles of the same color, and they, in turn, are the stars.

Of two. First, the mouse control in the game is not the most responsive - even us fair warning that we recommend having a joystick (which the game checks before you even start). Secondly, it is not very clear what exactly is considered the proper sequence. For example, arranged in a horizontal or vertical row and touching each other figure disappear guaranteed, three figures, arranged horizontally, and one located above some of them, this effect is no longer given; however, in General not related to each other and close, but chaotic four figures somehow can easily disappear. The additional complexity adds the fact that already quite soon after the start of the game her little screen is just teeming with all sorts of flying shapes, and to control the position becomes truly problematic.

The graphics in these games, we still don't appreciate, but still a funny structure on the black, almost cosmic background create the most that neither is a mystical sense of what is happening, which is only enhanced by the wonderful and very fitting in the environment of the game music. The verdict in this case is not required - that the game is not suitable for true relaxation (for, as already noted, difficult), but is able to captivate very seriously.

Have you ever wondered what kind of video games were played in the good old days? Try playing Pulse online now and we are sure you will not stop playing again.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com

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