Computer Circus Maximus

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5 /5

In 1984, The Avalon Hill Game Company released a Racing / Driving game named Computer Circus Maximus. You can play it online here.

Computer Circus Maximus description

Without a doubt – one of the most unique games ever made, representing a chariot race in Ancient Rome, but which is not an arcade, as you would think, but a very complex and fascinating turn-based strategy game (!!!).

Your goal, of course - to reach the finish line first. For this you need to develop a real strategy for using your main weapon – whip – on his own horses, as well as other chariots and their horses, as the blows of the whip – thing is not the most pleasant and reduce the chances of opponents to bypass you (but they apply, of course, the same tactics).

Game control is based on a text input commands, the graphics almost there (but still to see the likeness of the chariot with a view from the top will sometimes!), there is a choice of a specific car. Overall – a very complex and even somewhat illogical, but truly a unique game that represents a special value for lovers of complex samples of Antiques and collectors of unique ancient games that have no analogues and never will.

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