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Do you think old video games are boring? Play Defend the Alamo!, it is a Top-down perspective game developed by Incredible Simulations and released on DOS in 1994. You will then know that you were wrong.

Defend the Alamo! description

A little known wargame devoted to an equally little-known (although correct to say – enough lit) event, the American and Mexican military history – the defense of the Alamo the Texan rebels from the Mexican army in 1836 during the War for Texas independence. Since the game can not say so much, let's touch briefly on the historical events.

As you know, the southern part of the current United States during the first half of the XIX century (before the late 40-ies) was part of Mexico not so long ago won its independence from Spain. However, the Northern areas (California and Texas) is quite different from the rest of the country according to the ethnic composition and economic aspirations, besides, there was a relatively high proportion of English speaking population. One way or another, but in the 30-ies of the XIX century in the Texas rebellion against the Mexican government, soon grew into a national liberation war, indirectly supported by the Americans and which was the prelude to the Mexican-American war of 1846-1848, in which Mexico lost 40% of their territories. The Texans won the war (Texas a few years became an independent state, but was soon annexed to the United States).

This game is dedicated to the most prominent battle of the war – the defense of the Texans and American volunteers of the Alamo from the superior parts of the Mexican army, personally led by President General Santa Ana. It is still unknown how many people made up the garrison of the Fort, is the most common version (which supports the game) is the population of 182 people, but some historians believe that the defenders were still more, however, is clearly not more than 300, while the Mexican troops numbered more than 5,000 soldiers with the immense superiority in artillery.

Fort defenders proved one of the most outstanding examples of heroism in the history of warfare. Let the blockade and siege of the Fort lasted not so long (from 23 February to 6 March 1836), but this time they are deprived of any external support, continued resistance to the enemy; even when the defense of the Fort was broken, the battle lasted several hours inside the walls, the fight was for every room. On the part of the Texans survived only nine people, seven of which were executed (the fate of the remaining two here not worth discussing). Despite the defeat, unparalleled in valour and courage of the example of morally strengthened the spirit of the Texas army. Because the defense of the Fort was also attended by the Americans in the modern United States this event is one of the "days of glory".

But back to the game. In it you are invited, strange as it may sound, to try to prevent the fall of the Alamo: the game authors have suggested that if the Fort were resisted longer, sooner or later, reinforcements from the Texans would come. However, with so few resources to do it will be very problematic – because the game is historically modeled very accurately.

In General, play quite interesting. Apparently, while playing for the defenders of the Fort there is only one correct sequence of actions, one mistake and everything collapsed, so Defend the Alamo can be referred to these masterpieces of military history computer simulation. Management and General appearance do not differ much from the more or less traditional wargames, but not to mention very clear for such a game interface and great graphics for the subgenre.

As the game Custer's Last Command, this game is valuable primarily because it allows you to get acquainted with interesting historical event. The rest of the recommendations are the same as for any other wargame – especially for the Amateur.

Play your all-time favorite Defend the Alamo! free on your browser here.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com

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