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ImpArea from 1988 is a Side view perspective game released by Audiogenic Software Ltd.. If you want to play this game, click here.

ImpArea description

Real artifact and rarity – one of the earliest games from Russian developers, which is the delusional story can leave far behind many of the canonical examples of "West insanity" and fun gameplay – compete with the best foreign arcades of the time.

The action takes place in... hell. More precisely, apparently, still not in hell, but in a sort of "waiting room" of hell. Live here and very funny little green devils are called imps. The pulses don't just live here – they work. Their job is to carry souls of the dead sinners in bags on their backs to the ground, apparently, of eternal and unspeakable torture. Our task in the game – to prevent them may be correct and useful work.

Under the control of the player in ImpArea is very unexpected for such a game the subject – a giant glass beaker. Submitting the command, this glass can be placed on the plane at which the pulses run; if you're lucky, while the glass cover of a single or even multiple pulses, which in this case will die, and the souls that they are in the bags behind, break free, bringing us scores. The aim of the game is to free as many souls as possible and earn as many points as possible.

The matter is complicated by two things. First, the imps pretty much, they are in constant and chaotic motion, so the reaction to the implementation of "nagrywanie" pulse requires a decent. Second, each level, of course, a time limit is displayed by a special color bar on the screen, which is constantly decreasing, and with each new attempt (course), it continues to decline. However, the more points you earned for the course – the slow down that reduction, and if you managed to release a lot of souls, in the form of a bonus grant a slight increase in the period of the game.

Additional points can be earned if you manage to pinch the pulse tail Cup (very cruel). If you happen to be able to pinch the tails at the same time three or more pulses, it will give you an extra turn (but in practice to achieve this is extremely difficult).

About the schedule especially not worth mentioning – except to note that it is here and does not consist of two colors, and a few more of them. Any special detail or beauty to wait, of course, pointless, because the game itself is focused on delivering not a visual delight, and a slightly different joy.

Verdict – a dynamic and fun arcade game of interest to all fans of such entertainment, and in addition, one of the first domestic games and an excellent gift for collectors and collectors of rarities.

PS: the Game is ours, so the archive also includes the Russian version and a small user manual in Russian.

Relive your old memories by playing ImpArea free and online on your browser now.


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