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Jackson City from 1990 is a Top-down perspective game released by Diabolic Software. If you want to play this game, click here.

Jackson City description

Fans of old Spanish games certainly give fair tribute to their writers, created for, frankly, often quite typical in terms of gameplay things are totally amazing scenes, where the nonsense borders on genius. The present instance, also hails from the South-West of Europe, stands out, say, the awesomeness of your story, even among "brothers".

The action takes place in 2032, when humanity has mastered many of the worlds in deep Space, but the Earth itself has reached the extreme degree of pollution, and some people were mutations, but not the usual: they turned into anthropomorphic fruit. The most famous of mutants is a world famous pop musician Jackson Banana – banana man (most likely a hint of you-know-who). And he appears in the game in a very unseemly role: buys back on the Ground, a large surface area with forests and animals and destroying a large part of the landscape, making it the monstrous buildings of the city, which is named by my name, and then pulls out this city from the Earth, elevating it to the heavens; a significant part of animals and plants still remains there, but on the Ground they are gone completely, as well as a lot of people is kidnapped singer. In response to the demands of the movement "Blue pea" (Blue Peas is an obvious parody of the "Greenpeace") to return people, plants and animals on the Ground he only grins, but does not know that the movement has an ally-a mercenary who pilots a small spaceship that is sent to Jackson city to destroy it.

Unfortunately, for such an epic story is, in fact, ordinary letalka from the top view. The action takes place in the sky above a futuristic city, the enemies of our fighters are other fighters, piloted a variety of fruits, mutants, servants of the Banana. The ship moves forward is automatically (automatic is and scroll the screen downward), but in the screen you can give back and move left and right. The enemies are not very diverse in species, but their number very much, but their actions sometimes there is even some hint of intelligence.

Due to the fact that the attack they are all remotely very soon the game screen is simply filled with all sorts of enemy ammunition shot by hostile technique and flying straight at you. Any contact with ammunition in your vehicle or direct confrontation with the enemy instantly leads to the death (but, fortunately, lives a few), so in a number of stages killing enemies becomes almost impossible – forces only enough to try to Dodge their attacks and survive. In other words, the game almost from the start, becomes difficult. And then turns into a very complicated – like most Spanish old games.

Graphically, Jackson City can boast of some special beauty: palette – only CGA, the external design is minimal, but our ship and the enemy are drawn in some detail. However, in such games, graphics is not in any way important in terms of understanding where we are and where the enemy is, she's in the game fully, and more is required. So if you are fans of old music and played, it would seem that all such Jackson City will be your perfect gift.

Not sure how to pass your time, why not play our classic videogame Jackson City online? And the best part, it is for free!


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