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TETCOLOR, a top-notch Puzzle game was developed by - in the year 1991. This was a very famous and in-demand DOS game. You can play it online here again.

TETCOLOR description

This game was written in Pascal by an employee of one of the Tula scientific research Institute Sergey Sotnikov in 1991. Despite the resemblance with the immortal creations of Alexey Pazhitnov, TETCOLOR is not an absolute clone of TETRIS.

Serious differences TETCOLOR from "ancestor" are in principle cleaning "glass." In Tetris it was necessary to build a continuous horizontal line of the figures, here the line of at least three cubes of the same color can be arranged in horizontal, vertical and diagonals. This implies different than those used in Tetris strategy of earning maximum number of points. In TETCOLOR maximum number of bonus points accrued during the simultaneous "reset" of two rows of seven cubes. To build such combinations of blocks in the "glass" and makes you strive for game mechanics.

Dice six colors in various combinations can form four types of shapes: a single cube, two cubes, line and "area" of the three dice. Unlike Tetris, to see which shape will come up next, impossible. The speed of the game with the passage of time (timer increasing the level works independently from setting the game on pause) increases.

The game has four buttons: figure 4 moves left, 6 moves the figure to the right, figure 5 rotates clockwise, 8 – clockwise. Space bar instantly drops the figure down. S key toggles sound. Key Pause Break puts the game on pause, ESC key is pressed during pause, re-starts the game. Pressing ESC quits the game and where the number of points, gives an opportunity to place the player name in the table of thirty best results. Pressing Q exits the game.

Do you want to play TETCOLOR online, in your browser? Now you can. Click here to play TETCOLOR online.


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