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Not sure want to do on boring afternoons? Play L'Affaire… developed by Infogrames Multimedia SA in the year 1986. It is an excellent Adventure game to kill your boring time and make it fun.

L’Affaire… description

French point'n'click detective quest from the first person – and the next rarity on our website, only this time not Spanish, and French origin. This game was released, in addition to the PC, on the Atari ST and MSX, the PC-version came out much smaller, only on the territory of the country and, accordingly, only French, which is why until recently were considered lost.

The plot of the game is the following. Your hero – a young man named Raymond Pardon, who was accused of a robbery he didn't commit, which lost its beloved and spent six years in prison. Upon his release, he decided to restore justice, self-revealing this complicated case to clear his name and be sent to jail for the real criminals. And it was so serious that to clarify the truth he would have under the guise of journalist to visit seven cities in Europe: Paris, London, Barcelona, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Rome and Cannes, and in some cases even once again become a criminal, but real, though necessarily...

As already mentioned, the view of the game from the first person, and all interaction with the game world is via the mouse cursor. The plot of the game is partly non-linear, we can choose a specific city in which you want to go and start the investigation, therefore, from any place. The game has the concept of "equipment" and, accordingly, objects that you can find, put back and (often immediately) to use for some purposes. The game also has the possibility of meetings and dialogues with various people, and not all of them will tell you the truth or even be friendly. Finally, in the game there is a probability of death, because soon it turns out that in the Wake of the Pardon are the assassins...

Unfortunately, we have to admit that the PC-version how the game was not very good. The graphics are much worse than in the version of the Atari ST (supported by Hercules and CGA), the image is so blurry that it's sometimes quite difficult to understand what in General now appeared to our eyes. The second unpleasant moment – the language: because this game – a quest in which text, albeit not as much as in many games of the genre, but still it is critical to pass, so without at least some knowledge of French and/or active use of the dictionary to play this game useless (whereas the version for other platforms, again, was multilingual). In short, the main value PC-version – still collectible. However, as the game itself L'affaire interesting no doubt, so if you want to discover a new detective quest "old school" - then you should definitely play it. If not PC, then at least using the same emulator Atari ST.

Now, play L’Affaire… online for free on your browser and make your boring weekend fun and full of entertainment.


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