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Not sure want to do on boring afternoons? Play Night Raid developed by Personal Companion Software in the year 1992. It is an excellent Action game to kill your boring time and make it fun.

Night Raid description

Many computer games by the early 1990s become classics. Probably, at all times, there was a trend towards refreshment of classic games. That game Paratrooper in 1992, having thus registered the ten-year anniversary, has been modified in a modern way and even got a fancy new Night Raid.

The essence of the game is that we have anti-aircraft gun and have to repel the attacks from the air. Over the gun constantly circling transport aircraft, including jump daring parachutists, are capable of four to climb to the roof of our firing points, gathered in a group and lined up in the living ladder, and undermine the gun. And there is the bonuses - rockets, knocking which will receive extra points. Shooting at enemies is an element of realism: you can shoot down the plane, killing desantiruetsya enemy in the air or even to break shot the parachute - then the pest is also likely to survive will remain. For all of these brave acts, we get glasses. But each shot takes one point.

It's all there in the old Paratrooper'e. But in this game the number of details increased significantly. Let's start with the fact that this time she dressed in eye-catching graphics. Finally above us instead of the black of failure hanging in the night sky with "cheese" to the moon, but in our den domovie lights on in the Windows. Now above us soar the aircraft, which replaced the helicopters from the previous incarnation, and with the passage of time appear more high-speed models that are harder to get. Bonuses have now changed from aircraft to missiles. Falling paratroopers land more realistic, without leaving each other's shoulders, as it was before.

In the new version also added a humorous element that is associated with the simplification of the gameplay. In Paratrooper'e the player was given a solid round on the eye separated by short breaks. But here the enemies come in waves (in fact, this is the game rounds), which clearly indicated the messages. Between them and there is this funny picture: if among the paratroopers there was a happy landing, gets them flown in from the moon UFO, and if not - you can see the top flying airplane phone the creators of the poster for the tail. Such moments quite successfully enliven the gameplay.

The verdict I can make the following: fans of classic top-down arcade games and want to kill time is to play in this representative of the genre. And along with those who think that every remake is bad and passive.

Relive your old memories by playing Night Raid free and online on your browser now.


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