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With many different features and various levels, Out on a LEM released in 1984 hit the right chords right from the beginning. Play this excellent Action game and online now.

Out on a LEM description

A worthy representative of the family Lander game written in BASIC. A number of properties of this game almost makes it an arcade simulator, not just arcade.

These properties can be primarily attributed to the following facts:
1. The lunar module is not hanging motionless above the surface and has initial horizontal velocity that will have to extinguish;
2. Pronounced inertia;
3. Fuel is necessary not only for planting but also for the return to orbit;
4. In the case of quite unfavorable topography or high costs of fuel landing on the moon, you can cancel, flying outside of the game screen.

The gameplay is as follows: the lander appears at the top left corner. With initial horizontal velocity, it moves to the right. Gravity gives it a negative vertical speed. These two speeds and must pay for soft landing on the ground. When you exit the module screen fit is off.

At the top of the screen is a "dashboard": X – the horizontal velocity (a positive value moves right), Y vertical velocity (positive corresponds to upward motion), ALT. – the altimeter showing the height above the lunar surface. At the bottom of the screen is information about the amount of fuel (FUEL). For fuel consumption a little helps to follow the sound of the game - squeak different tone and frequency.

Planting should aim to produce marked in white landing pad. Scoring is not conducted, but depending on the precision of "hitting the bullseye" demonstrates the different types of greetings (at the most precise fit you can get a message from the President). To sit down only on a perfectly flat surface located around the landing site. Impact on too high speed leads either to the explosion of the module, or if the speed was not too big to crash and inability to return to orbit of the moon. After a successful landing and greetings will start the procedure to return to Earth, the module will automatically start the engine and if the fuel supply is sufficient, will be shown with a message: "WELCOME HOME HERO".

Graphics of this game is made in CGA-palette, austere and stern as the lunar surface. Sky with white points of stars and the blue Earth where you can see the outline of the Americas, the North polar cap and atmospheric fronts in the region of South America. Bottom – blue moon rocks and a little white dash landing pad on a flat surface. In the sky from left to right moving pink dot with two dashes – module with the landing legs. All. Other images in the game to find. But by today's standards, the poorest of the poor graphics has some strange, almost hypnotic charm from game play. It forces you to put the module again and again to get in which is unknown exactly, "Welcome home, hero", the message about the death of the lunar module.

Want to play Out on a LEM online now, play it on your browser here.


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