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P47 Thunderbolt is a Action game released by NMK Co. Ltd. in 1990. It is an interesting DOS game and a must play for all old videogame lovers.

P47 Thunderbolt description

Arcade simulator of one of the most powerful aircraft of world war II – not the most realistic and difficult to manage, but by far one of the most remarkable in the gameplay.

"Not very" is, of course, is an understatement. Here is there a serious, "real" old simulator with side-scroller'Noah the prospect review, you ask? And here it just is. And such a schedule? And bonuses to collect?.. Yes, that's right, it's not a simulator, but a real arcade. But in the end – who said that about war it is impossible to do arcade? The main thing that? We did not play for the Nazis, but at least for the allies. And here it is, which is great. The serious flight simulation on this topic – a lot. "Frivolous" - is very small.

The essence of the gameplay is incomprehensible cannot be: flying across the screen with the side view and shoot down Nazi planes, the total number of which is very large. Originally from weapons, we have only machine guns, but then we will be able to find and raise (that is, to take him!) several types of missiles and bombs, which will allow us to bomb and ground targets (they had German tanks, for example).

And still here there is everything that gives joy of life, lover of old music - that is, the system for improving weapons (to do this, we need to find and take the corresponding "symbol"), various bonuses, including extra lives and even acceleration... Yes, change difficulty level – possible (a total of four pieces), play together on one computer – is also possible.

Graphics, as mentioned, "normal" for the arcade. That is, all bright, Sunny, pleasing to the eye: perfectly drawn landscape backgrounds, lovingly filled with models of small airplanes and tanks, cute cartoonish explosions. Is this a blasphemy against the bloodiest war in human history? Hard to say, everyone decides for himself; in my opinion – no. War is shown here in such an unusual term, but we still fight and we battle with the hated enemy and for what is right.

Verdict – not a hit, but still Golden classic, already partially forgotten, unfortunately, and honestly earned nine points; for all fans of arcade street fighting if someone has not played, it is recommended for the early and mandatory review.

Play your all-time favorite P47 Thunderbolt free on your browser here.


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