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The famous developer SEGA Enterprises, Inc. developed a Racing / Driving game called Spy Hunter in 1984. You can play this Top-down perspective game online now.

Spy Hunter description

One of the first "combat" racing on the PC, ported to the slot machines. The port came out to be extremely successful, so we have a game with just great for its time graphics and exciting and dynamic gameplay.

The game's plot is apparently based on the confrontation of a certain superspy on the modern car and the gang of criminals (super or not – hard to say), but to thoroughly understand it makes no sense. The gameplay is as follows. Top view, you drive a car traveling on the road (and will be very good if he will remain). The road and its roadsides filled with all sorts of cars (and not only them) that are configured to you more than hostile. Fortunately, your car has machine guns, with which to eliminate enemies. However, in all this "autocosmos" accept involuntary participation and peaceful civilians, and that they should try in any case not to kill.

Sometimes in the game you can come across a red van which is carrying the weapon. This is a very useful thing – if this van to catch up, and came down to drive him back, then you can get hold of any other weapons that much more effective and interesting than the usual machine guns. For example, it could be smoke bombs, which allow you to put a smokescreen in front of the pursuers, a barrel of oil that can be poured on the enemy's path, and even a small rocket launcher (what you can do with it – I think that's obvious).

The same prefix "super-" our car lives up to its name in those moments when the earth begins and ends with the water space. Then the car turns into a kind of "amphibian" that looks pretty cool. Levels in the game, apparently, quite a lot, and among them is "winter", when you have to go on the road covered with ice and snow, and driving the car then it becomes much harder. Enemies in the game, as has been said, a lot of them are well armed and will do everything possible for your destruction. Can just a strong kick to clear the road, you can open your car heavy fire from their guns (unfortunately or not, but their Arsenal of weapons, to put it mildly, more powerful your), and you can even throw bombs from their helicopters (and then there is only one show on the road "miracles on bends" under the bombs not to fall...)!

Graphics, as mentioned, the game is just wonderful. Supports two video modes – CGA and CGA RGB Composite and in the second we expect such beauty that it's hard to believe that the game was released in 1984. However, some of the diversity of landscapes (including because of the prospect of the review) is not here, but our and enemy cars and boats are drawn really great. So we are very solidly made vintage toy, can awaken a wild nostalgia for the early days of slot machines, but at the same time to satisfy her fully. For all fans of action racing is just a fabulous gift and get great pleasure from the process, and touch the most that neither is the history of this game sector, so they look at Spy Hunter is a must.

Do you want to relive your memories and play Spy Hunter online in your browser? Play it now for free.


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