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Click here, to play the famous game The Legend of Dragon developed by Metropolis, Inc. in the year 1992 and enjoy! Remember do not get nostalgic!

The Legend of Dragon description

Interesting children's game with a noticeable bias in an arcade shooter based on the well-known Chinese classic novel "journey to the West". How many here are taken from the original, to seriously understand the experts from literature - well, us, oldgamer, had the opportunity to consider another Taiwanese game from respectable publisher KingFormation...

Sun Wukong (孫悟空) and tan Sansthan (唐三藏) traveled in the wilderness toward the Western Sky (西天). Suddenly a loud noise broke the silence, and then broke out in a strong wind. Tang Canizzano fell magical languages demon Luo Cha (羅刹), and he turned to stone. Now sun Ukonu have to go through thousands to find the legendary dragon to finally return the soul of his friend – tan Canizzano...

You can play as sun Yuna and Xiao Lunnyi (female character). Versed in classical Chinese literature at once indignant: "But let me...". Yes, Xiao Lunnyi is a character from another work, "the return of the heroes Condor (神雕俠侣)" authored by Hong Kong writer Jin Yoon (金庸, real name Louis Cha). But, perhaps, don't find fault with the developers of children's computer games. In fact, many experts attribute it to the typical Asian RPG-Scam that can be done only with very big stretch...

The gameplay is quite annoying brains. You need to navigate through a 2D map with relief elements (cliffs, hills, valleys) and to destroy melee enemies. You can go to the caves, mazes and houses, interact with the NPC and to get information from them. In some dialogs you can select the branch by clicking Yes/No. It is very easy to control used only four steps: "the Conversation" (Space), "Attack" (Ctrl), "Magic attack" (Alt) and "Slide" (Tab). Last action remained unclear. This is probably due to the additional screen maps, reached by pressing F1. Enemies are diverse: the natives, producing the sharp arrows, toads, parrots, fire-breathing dragons and more. In the battle screen does not switch, as implemented in a typical Asian RPG-skah. Originally given the stock of four lives (hearts). Any contact with the enemy or shot reduces vitality. With the help of the bonuses that fall out of enemies, you can gain an additional margin of several hearts. Also among the wearable items there are pills (丸) and bombs with a clockwork mechanism. How to use last to find out and failed. Obviously, you can use them to blow up blocked passages on the map and discover new locations for further processing. You have the option to go to the stores (in cities) and buy anything there. You have to carry a supply cache (the icon is a "sack"). And the money you can easily pick up right on the ground. If among the vegetation you use your sword ("Attack"), then the bushes will be cut down, and you'll find many interesting hidden bonuses, lying on the ground. Enemy gunfire is also possible to "cut down". Indicator of magical power – 魔法.

The graphics is bright, and painted it in a children's cartoonish style typical of Taiwan gasindustrie. Screen resolution minimalist – 320х200. In the dialogues the characters depicted in the normal printing style, as on road signs – in a classic handwritten style of "the Caixa", which correctly recognize will be more difficult. When approaching the edge of the screen it takes a bit longer to scroll once again rewound the game map on the adjacent fragment.

The game – good assessment. Huge map, freedom of movement, the abundance of the enemies and their numerous shots – all this is unrealistic increases the degree of gameplay. Little problem in the game will be Chinese, the language used in the texts of the dialogues with many NPCs. Most often this applies in the direction of the search action: "where to go", "what to do". But nothing real oldhamers any gameplay in any language should always be understood intuitively. So language barriers are definitely not the place. Enjoy the game!

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