Win, Lose or Draw Junior

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Developed by Hi-Tech Expressions, Inc. in 1988, Win, Lose or Draw Junior is a perfect Strategy/Tactics game which ruled the arcade for several years. You can now play it online here.

Win, Lose or Draw Junior description

For minimal upgrading of the case, unraveling the drawings, which brought in the world of computer incarnation of the game show "Win, Lose or Draw" its second edition, the developer and the publisher do not stopped, releasing a special children's version of this original intellectual entertainment. The General sense of the gameplay described on the page of the original 1988, remained the same, but many details have changed significantly.

The participants of the competition "Win, Lose or Draw Junior" only three – and these are children, not adults; to compete now and together, and the three of us alone, choosing your protagonist's gender (appearance now, alas, does not vary) and come up with a name for him – if the animate feature one or two opponents, then the remaining or the remaining will take under his control the computer (the second will be a girl Katya, and the third boy Steve). Look and they, and all of our living room (now not cluttered with sofas and fashionable Ottomans) a little better than their adult equivalents in the original game: despite all the same outdated by 1989, the CGA graphics palette, with the predominance of yellow color, it looks more fun and upbeat.

Any rounds we have: party members take turns being accepted for "drawing", after selecting one of three categories – "People" (as historical characters, and, for example, representatives of various professions), Places (again, in a large range – from the States to those or other premises of the special mission or of their parts, which will point an arrow) and "Objects". "Drawing" in quotes, because, of course, for animate opponents to guess the words and their combinations is still a program. But try to give an answer in this case will either of the other two members, but first, before typing the text, you will need to click the "" button (note: if the "live" player one, this "gap"; two, respectively, "Z" and "/"; and for three – all of the above). The clue is given two attempts, however well-chosen words from an incorrect answer as a whole still appear to the right of the figure (as thus, unwitting hints for the opponent).

Fortunately, vile spirit of greed and commercialism was banished from victorious even North American, but still child's play: instead of dollars for correct answers we receive special tokens that form the subject matter of the question of the cell displayed on the screen in between the minute parties. What is remarkable: in addition to the author's solving exactly the same prize receives the one who drew the task. It turns out that the would-be artist, embodying his plan, no one was able to recognize it, shall be punished: a trifle, but it is logical. Wins the duel is the one who first got the two tokens in each of the categories; the ceremony with the high score table, unfortunately, will not be, – the after party you can only choose repeated game with the same participants (or to change such, returning to the main menu).

Of course, no difficult idioms from the "adult" version of the game "Win, Lose or Draw Junior" no, although the puzzle is intended for American students, is unlikely to be equally recommended by their peers from all over the world, and – if they do not study hard English. In this case, this version of the computer realization of the TV show can be quite interesting to explore either alone or with a friend, on condition that modern young people do not mind CGA graphics.

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