A Line in the Sand

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5 /5

With many different features and various levels, A Line in the Sand released in 1992 hit the right chords right from the beginning. Play this excellent Simulation game and online now.

A Line in the Sand description

Not bad, but utterly standard and highly simplified wargame, based on the eponymous Board game. In it are modeled as real (by the way, only two of them) and hypothetical conflicts in the middle East, from the Gulf war to the fictional US invasion in Iran or Saudi Arabia. Any campaign not only individual scenarios.

Gameplay, naturally, step by step, to run a potentially have all possible types of military forces – land, Navy and air force, although in some scenarios can only be certain types of units (by the way, the gameplay in specific scenarios may also be slightly different). You can play this game together on one computer, you can also force the computer to play both sides (this is a kind of learning); that is, in this game you can really play for the "enemies of democracy"!

But that's not the only interesting thing – there are others. For example, aerial fights. They are in this game is also turn-based, but still, it's a separate mode where a graphical display of the aircraft that you need to give orders against the sky! Another distinctive feature is the "diplomatic way" game: there is generally no battles, and only need (although the word "only" here is hardly appropriate), step by step to make different political decisions to achieve the desired goal through peaceful means. The rest of the game is so similar to the rest of the wargames that the detailed description is not needed.

Although another point to focus is all on the chart. Despite the fact that she was here, of course, conditional (all units except aircraft at the time of the fight, depicted in the form of a conditional icons with flags of the parties), the cards are drawn very nicely and using bright and colorful palette. But here is the key whether it is in this game?

Of course, not important. And here, admittedly, to some extent, left as with modern games: outwardly beautiful, but inside... it was said Above that the game is very similar to a traditional wargame. And it is, but – that's what it's like. Because over time found that just a huge amount of detail in it is simplified to the limit. Actually, could recommend this game or those who want to see the simple representatives of the subgenre or those who are just looking for an unknown game"SIM card". Because for the true masters of the genre it is, alas, unlikely to be of interest, despite the fact that the whole thing is quite decent.

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