Action in the North Atlantic

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Remember playing your all-time favorite Action in the North Atlantic which was launched by General Quarters Software in the year 1989? You can now play it online again here.

Action in the North Atlantic description

Naval wargame simulating the battle of Nordcape in 1943 during the Second world war between the navies of Britain and Germany.

You can play for both sides, and before the beginning of the game – choose the difficulty level and the duration of the game, i.e. the number of game days that would last battle (every game day is divided into a fixed number of moves, which can also be selected). The most interesting thing about the game is that there are two different modes: tactical and strategic. In the first you control only a separate battleship of the Navy, in the second – all the fleet, that is, not only ships, but also naval aviation and submarines. The game mode selection is performed only once – at the beginning (i.e. it's not two modes for one game, you can switch between, and actually two games in one), and depend on the settings available for editing: in the tactical mode, you can set the number of moves in each game day, the strategic – the number of days.

The graphics in the game – this is to say from the conditional to the limit, is rare even in wargames, so expect something other than the blue background and icons in the form of letters is not necessary. The interface of the game is not too complex, but differs depending on the selected mode. So, in tactical you, as has been said, control only one ship, so the bottom of the screen will be his radar (needed in order to successfully maneuver) and the ability to give orders to apply a particular type of weapon; it is also possible to put a smokescreen to evade direct contact with the enemy and even flood (!) his ship. In that case, if you managed to get into the enemy ship, you can see his picture at the bottom of the screen where the pink color will be noted in what part you hit (and the same is true for your vehicle, if you fall in you). The battle ends after the destruction of all forces of one party or the expiration of playing time (so you can "like" and not to win); then shows the detailed game stats (hits, losses and so on).

In the strategic mode graphics are less, since you give only General orders to ships, basically charting their course and thinking about battle tactics; you can also control submarines and aircraft (which can including send and to explore). Fortunately or unfortunately, but the game balance is shifted in favor of the British, as the number of their fleet is much superior to the German. Verdict – a very good naval game, even despite the almost complete lack of graphics that will appeal to fans of "real" naval wargames.

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