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Pryority Software developed a Interactive Fiction / Text Adventure game in the year 1983 called Forbidden Quest. You can play it online now.

Forbidden Quest description

The stars are always inexorably lured people. As in the past and in the present and even in future, the vast majority of science fiction journey to the uncharted worlds are, if not plot-based, then at least something romantic and exciting. Here and in the Forbidden Quest we have to go to another planet and get there unique technologies that will help humanity to overcome the deep and multifaceted crisis. But there is one problem - our ship crashed.

Any space wanderer knows what to do in such situations is to take everything you can and run as far as possible. But there are other methods - for example, to eliminate the threat of detonation of fuel cells, easy to wear the proper equipment and proceed to perform its task. Composure - the way to success. Yes, it takes into account the number of moves and points are given for correct and successful operation, but do not hurry - suddenly interrupted game will not be. But it will make you think. For example, we picked up the Blaster and a space suit, and nothing more can not pick up. What to do? Equip the suit, which has a holster for the pistol and pockets for other things - the capacity of the inventory has increased. Such a surprisingly logical solutions are all throughout the game, which is very pleasing and brightens up the negative emotions from some of the flaws, without which, alas, has not done.

During the journey you will meet a lot of objects of alien origin and to figure out how to dispose of the goods of the disappeared (not always and not exactly, but spoiler alert) alien civilization. This will help the parser is not very knowledgeable, but quite exhaustive in the spirit of other similar games of its time.

Overall - a lovely thing, really old as in age, and lampley and, say, a game design that will appeal to fans of text quests. I especially want to highlight the ending (this is not a spoiler), we will tell you about the benefits that our findings will bring to mankind.

Play your favorite childhood game Forbidden Quest online in your browser for free here.


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