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Play Fountain of Dreams, a very interesting Role-Playing (RPG) game, developed by Electronic Arts, Inc. in the year 1990 online on your browser right now.

Fountain of Dreams description

The second series of unfulfilled soap Opera, which began Wasteland.

After the great Nuclear War Florida became an island. The years passed, the radiation was spreading, and its population is slowly beginning to mutate... But one physician in a small village, has a secret of the restoration of humanity, allowing to overcome the harmful effects of mutations, and the village lives in peace for their future, unlike the rest of the Island. But when the power on the Island captures a group of mutated Clowns, Murderers, descendants of the participants of the circus tent, stuck on an island in the middle of touring during the war, the residents of the village decide to hit the Clowns and at the same time to heal the Island's population from mutations...
But the Clowns spoil the whole plan a simple action - the murder of that doctor. Now the last hope for the whole Island becomes the Fountain of Dreams, a mysterious source which, according to legend, its waters can purify from mutations any...

So, again postheader. Say at once, it's not Wasteland 2. He was called Mean Time and was never released. This game is made by other people on the Wasteland engine. What has changed? First, we now only work with the characters. Reading books raises skills immediately, not only if there are free points. When generating the classes we choose (one of the five - survivalist (Survivalist), the Vigilante (Vigilante), a Doctor (Medic), Thug (Hood) or Mechanic (Mechanic)), each of which is attached a fixed minimum and maximum values of the attributes that we are free to strengthen the points on the distribution. The equipment is now clearly divided in subjects - more to give someone in the face with a book will be possible only if you wanted the game authors, and will depend on the specific books. Sorry.

Graphics also underwent drastic changes. Have sunk into oblivion capsule on the panel, now they are hidden inside much sistemlerindeki menu characters. Similar processing undergone and the engine of the battle (in fact, it is exactly the same, but the speed controller was taken from us, and the window display statistics of the battle reduced to three lines - to be able to show three portraits of opponents at once). Yes, the portraits - they, like the character sprites were redrawn and now differ much more detail and size. It is noteworthy that in a later Escape From Hell, using the same engine, sprites still worse.

Abolished as a class the paragraphs of Manuale - all the text pushed to the game, not the running line, as before, and in normal order in the pop-up dialog box. Hurrah!

Special mention are the mutations. After the death of a doctor who knew how to heal, we have to carefully monitor their exposure. First, from radiation sickness to die for. Secondly, after crossing a certain point we get the loss, as lose our humanity, so we need to hurry, because the background radiation is slowly growing and time is running out...
In the third place. Perks. Otherwise it can not be called. When we begin to show the different mutations, we will actually get familiar all Followers perks!
Increased chitin instead of skin? Will be uglier, but stronger at times. Sharp claws? Goodbye, firearms, Hello, critical hits in a dogfight! And so on.

Overall, despite some deficiencies, we have before us a much more polished project than its predecessor. But alas, without a soul. This game is not able to tighten, as did Wasteland. However, if you want to play something very close to it - you are welcome. Island FL waiting for you!

Tired of your same old routine, want to add some entertainment and fun element in hour life? Play one of the best videogame Fountain of Dreams online now and change your boring oold routine for good.


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