A DOS game was developed by Idee Software and then released by Idee Software in 1994, the game was called Kerker. Now you can relive the memories by playing it online here.

Kerker description

As usual, earth is invaded by aggressive imperialist aliens, who keep the population under the heavy yoke. As usual, there is a hero, coconutbattery Blondie, who is taking part in the resistance. But what's unusual is that we are not waiting for shooting live and not the power of the enemy, and puzzle-arcade game with mazes and collect keys. Apparently, it is the salvation of the world Dutch.

So, we are invited to pass fifteen levels filled with traps, platforms, elevators, keys, explosives and obstacles that we can blow up. The motivation is: convicted of a rejection of alien authority hero thrown into a deep dungeon (roughly translated the name of the game), and now needs to get out. It is necessary to overcome all the levels, moving from the starting position to the finish line, symbolized by the doors that require you to collect all the scattered keys or simply won't open. From time to time you also need to activate various switches to activate certain lifts or opens inaccessible areas. Our main allies will be explosive which will clear the aisles, savvy, to calculate the correct routes and ways of their passing and the speed, as each level is time limited. Enemies technically, no, but these can be attributed not the most responsive controls, which will have to adjust.

Verdict - decent thing I can safely draw the attention of all fans of such entertainment. In addition, the installation is relatively rare and is worthy of a place on hard disks collectors.

Do you want to play Kerker online, in your browser? Now you can. Click here to play Kerker online.

Source: Archive.org

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