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With many different features and various levels, Mister Gas released in 1989 hit the right chords right from the beginning. Play this excellent Arcade game and online now.

Mister Gas description

Attention! The following reading tiny text can have a detrimental effect on your mental health. You have been warned.

Mister Gas - in the PC version. A miracle that became a reality in December 2015 - after a long and weary years of waiting. The game really was. And survived until our days. Game Spanish - in the appropriate language, although the text in it. The origin of the game already has to bring an experienced oldgamer the idea that we can expect something very trivial - after all, the Spanish developers of the famous love of psychedelics. But this time I will have to do without lush adjectives, but only to note that in comparison with what will unfold before your eyes here, ANY other Spanish game is a model of consistency and routine. We have to reiterate that I do NOT bear responsibility for the consequences for your brain.

If you ever drank a soda, you probably paid attention to... the bubbles. No, not paid? It would seem - it is after all, why soda, the bubbles (if a child). But the authors of this game - reflections on the causes of this we omit, for jokes about "mushrooms", "substances" and other things are irrelevant here, - why-that pay attention. And in their heads was born is a real tragedy. The tragedy of the bubbles. They are, in their opinion, reasonable. Again. The bubbles in the soda. Reasonable. Their short life begins in the technocratic hell of a plant for the production of not a soda, not champagne, then continues with trapping in the same type of faceless bottles and ends in the best case on the surface of the glass, and at worst directly in the throat by a ruthless consumer. But there was a bubble that was a Person. Bubble, rebels against the system and wanted to live - even discarding the laws of physics. That bubble named Mr. Gas. And in that moment, when his mother-liquid saturated with carbon dioxide, which gave him the opportunity to rediscover nature, he jumped out of capacity to meet all the dangers of our dangerous world. Or not really ours?... What's the difference? The main thing - that he needed to escape from the factory. And this would be not so easy...

The game is completely top - and this is an additional complicating factor (described below). The game is not divided into levels, and is truly epic in its size location, only a tiny fraction is currently displayed to us on screen - fortunately, the ability to scroll this screen ("scrolling") is provided. Room to maneuver, despite its size, not so much - everywhere pipe and process equipment, including as just obstacles and dangerous traps (e.g., retractable spikes). There are also enemies - the employees of the plant: the robotic cart, having some relevance to the creation of bubbles, crabs (in the story they escaped from a nearby seafood restaurant and "selling" people "looking out" for the bubbles and not allowing them to disperse - and all this in order to save their own lives - when you read this, the patient's lips involuntarily tremble with incredible pleasure!), as well as flying birds that attack from the air. The most important feature of the game - no Mr. Gas the opportunity to defend himself. He really has some stamina, so able to withstand a few tens of collisions with opponents; the latter, especially crabs, sometimes tend to aggressively pursue it, but, first, moving still slower, and second - sooner or later cease to pursue, mainly in case of sudden changes of trajectory. There are even stationary "kits" zone for cranes from which taketh away the dioxide: approaching him, Mr. Gas can to restore health. But there are very dangerous "holes", getting into which is fraught with the loss... of time: the passage, apparently, is given a limited amount of it, but in the game counter (at least initially) does not work, but in the case of falling into such holes in the allotted time decreases.

It may seem quite incredible, but in this game there is even kvestovaya element. The passage suggests a consistent detection of four instruments, each of which can be done their way into previously inaccessible areas of the plant, after finding the things mentioned, the game is over, you will have to do one last "job", namely to find and open the "exit". Finally, it complicates the process and referred to the total dvumernoi: if, for example, before you pipe, then under it might actually pass (that is, under it is a passage, but you can not see it), but perhaps not; to know it is possible only through the attempts to pass "through it". And to roam, repeat, particularly nowhere: here and there obstacles, running enemies, and the minutes of the road...

Externally, Mister Gas looks pretty nice: available only CGA palette, but the quality of drawing positively surprised (though, to enjoy him, you have to have good eyesight). Another thing is that itself what is happening - both externally and internally, - beginning to tire after ten minutes after the beginning: not really, strangely enough, it is difficult - especially compared to the cult in terms of complexity of the Spanish possessions, but monotonous and prolonged (although monotony can quite explain the place of action). Because this game is a fantastic rare one that allows you highly recommend it for download. How exactly arcade for fun - fit, but only the lowly and diligent or loving of relatively simple representatives of the genre players. Most importantly - do not think about read the story and do not think of it - pity myself, and then another night dream running bubble, striving for freedom and persecuted by the crab...

Enjoy playing Mister Gas online, it can be played on your browser and is free.


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