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Tapper was launched by SEGA Enterprises in the year 1983 which was loved by all old and young. It’s an interesting DOS game and can be played online by clicking here.

Tapper description

"For the money I'll pour a glass
have a drink, you stupid idiot.
For the money I'll pour a glass
and now you're too drunk."

Payday is one of the most anticipated days in the life of the common man. After receiving their well-deserved (?) money, workers of all stripes and classes go to bars and pubs to drink (and some to eat) this holiday. Alone or with your friends.

Least of all in the light of the day was waiting for the bartender of the small pub. Yes, his tavern was fully ready to receive clients (four bar polished to a Shine, mugs disinfected, and barrels of beer filled to the brim), but he haunted the bartenders of bitter truth: so that clients feel in Paradise, the bartender need to rotten in hell.

Evening, the end of the day. Our hero instinctively rubbed the glass, smelling a rat. I wanted to drink. The bartender decided to drink a glass of water (real bartenders drink on the job only water). Pouring water, he unwittingly drew attention to how beautifully staggers to netherton to Shine the glass. How it glitters! How it sparkles! Why do people pay attention to the beauty of the world only when it's too late...

They came. The crowding at the four entrances to the bar, they went by turns inside and walked along the four bar counters. First one, then two. The bartender realized that it only gets worse. In life so often happens: first easy, then harder and harder. Just like in a computer game.

Working people were tired, angry, and they wanted to drink. They didn't know the name of our hero, and they didn't care who he is, and didn't care what thought the bartender a few minutes ago. They just wanted to wet my whistle. Issaka from thirst, they went to the bartender, as the rebels dead. Our hero there was nothing, as in blitz mode games to pour the beer mugs and send them on their way at the bar racks to the customers. But that wasn't enough, they put the drinking mug of beer, they are metal empty containers back to the bartender, demanding supplements. One beer a day is not serious!

Joy our hero did not add even the money that has left the most grateful clients. Yes, this money is for a few moments intensified the representatives of the local varieties. Dancing the can-can, the girls were distracted by some (!?) males from drinking and our hapless hero.

The bartender thought that all this would end, and he was already subconsciously preparing for the fact that he make a mistake somewhere. Either he will break the glass, and the authorities will give him a kick in one place, or it will reach dying of thirst workaholic and anger begins to drag it on the bar.

But through the heaviness in the arms and the sadness in his eyes, he noticed that when the bar caught the mug with your hands, cool them back to the exit. After all, as an eight-hour working day takes its toll.

And then the bartender came up with:what if the visitor of bar catches a mug of beer, being very close to the exit? Suddenly he any departure from the bar and never come back?

Attempt - not torture, and after a while the first client was successfully sent "knockout" (outside bar). Now everything fell into place. Our hero had a goal, a hope that he will remain alive and intact until the closing of the bar. The case was for small: "throw" all visitors to overboard to the bar, not a single customer.

Mugs, visitors and the lone bartender, everything spun into this crazy dance...

Not sure how to pass your time, why not play our classic videogame Tapper online? And the best part, it is for free!


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