The Shadows of Mordor

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A very interesting DOS game was released by Beam Software Pty., Ltd. in the year 1988. The game was called The Shadows of Mordor. You can now play it online.

The Shadows of Mordor description

A text adventure with graphics in the second volume of the novel Dzh.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the rings", translated Muraviev and kistiakowsky called "Two towers". Somewhat similar to the Hobbit - including the attempt to introduce an element of non-linearity, but it turned out, unfortunately, not very much.

The action takes place after the collapse of the fellowship of the ring because of the temporary insanity of Boromir; Frodo and Sam two sneak into Mordor to throw the one Ring into the mouth of Orodruin. Here we stalkivaetsya with the first point of interest - you can play as the Ring-bearer and his gardener, and the gameplay will be slightly different. The story largely corresponds to the book, so read it the game will be easier, and do not read, if they still make them, is more complicated. Of course, the cunning Gollum-sméagol, and a terrible spider Shelob, and to die easily you will not only on their extremities. Like The Hobbit, the game is declared as taking place in real time, but here it is reduced only to the fact that NPCs can move between locations and be found at different times in different places: no change in their behavior after each new start of the game, the famous game about the adventures of Frodo's uncle, not here.

The quality of the graphics - static images that illustrate your location - pretty awful CGA-palette with dark colors and very conventionally depicted objects, but, oddly enough, for this particular story, it is quite suitable (if not for the game has any value). Texts that describe a situation, unfortunately, is usually very short and poorly developed, as of typing action commands, which control all the game, is quite simple. It is interesting, however, that in The Shadows of Mordor is a decent amount of endings, and that the non-linearity really is - a positive ending (which here is the achievement of Barad-dûr, that is, the game has been slightly transferred to the pages of "the return of the sovereign") can come in different ways to cope with individual puzzles. Not less pleased with the fact that, despite its brevity and conciseness, this particular game is much more than The Hobbit, which is close to the source of its atmosphere, though it is difficult to answer, due to which such is achieved.

In modern conditions, even compared to other old text adventures - "shadow of Mordor" look, in all senses weak and not very original, even despite the above positive aspects. However, the admirers of the Professor, ready to pay attention to objectively unsightly external and internal appearance, it is highly recommended even if just for your collection.

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