Traders: The Intergalactic Trading Game

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In 1992, Traders: The Intergalactic Trading Game was released by Linel with a very interesting Managerial / Business Simulation. This you can now play online.

Traders: The Intergalactic Trading Game description

Funny economic trading strategy, which action happens on a distant planet ruled by a wonderful zelenogorie creature named Fat Mike.

You play as the head of one of the four trading companies, producing and selling different goods, and should try to make every effort to beat the competition.

Gameplay based on changing the price of the goods sold and the price of raw materials, which we purchase from suppliers (mostly have to agree). Some raw materials (e.g., plants for perfume), we can begin to produce ourselves, if we can raise enough money to buy a field, some – still always have to buy (water). An important fact when planning the budget is that a significant portion of income have to give fat Mike as an annuity.

But it is just a "first glance". In fact, the gameplay here is more than diverse. For example, in almost every store for the sale of any particular commodity can be traded, gamble, play the lottery (i.e. winning the right to free acquisition of goods). There is a special "battle mode", when the hatred of the heads of trade corporations reaches the limit. Then first in a particular store purchased military robots (each with different characteristics), then turns on a special mode of the card, which marked the location of bases (and our enemy), and then a simple turn-based battle. And this is not the only mini-game for example, it is possible to compete with other players in speed collect some valuable primary items on the newly discovered "field"!

Graphics for games of this genre is impressive – animated every screen, every action, and great (but it should not be surprising – because the game ported from the Amiga), and even screens such as the aforementioned "battle" or "screen graphics", which shows current statistics of the earnings of each of the players), performed very well. Every action that we make in the game associated with the contact with any creature (bargain buy) means mandatory that we show an excellent portrait of this creature, here, too, the developers gave free rein to their imagination!

And how many here funny animated inserts – ranging from sending expeditions to distant planets for rare raw materials and ending with reminders of old Mike about the imminent maturity... to Watch such a pleasure, and for this serious, in General, games such things act as a good "discharge".

Verdict – again, not excellent but very good. It's not often you meet truly pleasing to the eye step-by-step old strategy, but still with humor, where these elements are besides the gameplay the only benefit. All the lovers "at the same time to think and enjoy reading" is recommended.

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