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Play Narco Police online now. This game was released by Iron Byte in 1990 and has fantastic Shooter gameplay.

Narco Police description

Depleted hand who wishes to become a free soul and body gently, as if dealing with a precious stone, hooked needle buttery-brown lump of strange substance, and here it is – in the Cup of a pipe. Suddenly it seems that the very freedom to which the poor are so eager, achieved: a few hits and he's already in another world, where everything is love, where there is poverty, it is imperative shouts, frustration and resentment... But sweet dreams and wonderful vision, inspired by the dope, pass, and there is only a painful aching in the whole body and suffering from powerlessness to change anything – not just your life in General, but in terms of freedom, which was actually the worst slavery of all. But from everyday worries and anxieties, and at the same time and from the painful feelings of guilt and feeling of powerlessness in the face of monstrous powder again to leave, but have to pay for it, and not only money but also their health: an addiction to poisonous potion makes man a living corpse. And money meanwhile, requires more: a miserable all struggled to return kicks from the very first dose, it takes over ten times over to relive, to repeat those feelings... But they are not repeated.

But there are those who, knowing full well how evil drugs are, making money off of this evil, and very, very considerable. And they do not always look so romantic as a long-haired Jamaican Negroes with a huge sword, riding on a night of new York in a white limo and Smoking a huge cigar...

The developers of this game not too fun predicting the future – at the beginning of the XXI century, to be exact – in 2003, the world will plunge into a final chaos. The addiction becomes even epidemic, and pandemic, and the power over the planet will capture the kings of drug trafficking. It would seem that there is no hope? As it is not so! There are still those whose mind is not poisoned by cocaine, - a brave team of officers, constituting a special elite unit to combat those who are using the weakness of others, determined to become master of the world of material and mental. Five years of preparation were not in vain: the commanders managed to train the perfect soldiers, and intelligence, meanwhile, has managed to establish the whereabouts of the main headquarters of the lords, a small island off the coast of Colombia. That is where their headquarters, where scientists are inventing new types of drugs, where millions of tons of raw materials turn into a horrible poison, where there is nothing but evil and horror. However, these five years were not in vain and for drug traffickers – during this time they managed to turn your base into an impregnable citadel, equipped with the latest technology. However, don't stop it fighters for a just cause? In any case! Ah, Yes: to command these brave men will have you.

The gameplay is very difficult and unusual, although at first it seems to be standard: a tactical third-person shooter. But if you look at the year... However, that's not it.

Mission one – destroy the "factory of death". It will be necessary to attack from three different directions, so your unit will be split into three smaller groups. Your task – to correctly place the fighters features as inventory – several types of weapons (including missiles and explosives), armor vests, medkits, and more. However, the starting positions of the storm are predefined, they can not change (but should). The game also has the ability to "brain" storm – along the way you will meet the so-called "terminal", the destruction of which will allow, for example, to disable a part of the protection of the factory or cameras (because you are being followed). But get ready to fierce resistance and many enemies (both humans and technology) – drug dealers have nothing to lose! At a specific point in time you can only manage one part of the unit, so don't forget to switch to the other two.

On the chart deserves mention. Such a schedule in 1990 is fantastic, and, surprisingly, especially in battle mode. The detail of surrounding environment and enemies is truly impressive. Also worth noting is quite comfortable interface of the game – while something complex is still there, so it is highly recommended to study the manual for the game.

The game definitely appeal to fans of tactical action'ov (or at least should – this is actually the first such game!), and also recommended to all those who are tired of banal subjects like "kill bad guys" without explanation: here, in General, all so, too, except that guys are really bad and nothing else except death, and death is cruel, and deserve. Definitely recommended to fans of the classics.

Now, play Narco Police online for free on your browser and make your boring weekend fun and full of entertainment.


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